Monday, November 14, 2011

DOWNLOAD: 1 Minute Miracles Remixes Death Grips

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1 Minute Miracles is a beat producer from Canada who specializes in short, instrumental electronic/hip hop hybrids (often roughly one minute long, hence the title). Lately, the producer has taken to remixing one of my favorite new projects of 2011, Death Grips. 1 Minute Miracles takes the abrasive experimental hip hop of Death Grips and molds it into a variety of new flavors ranging from abstract to danceable, always coming out with something that sounds wildly different from the original. A few weeks back the beat maker dropped remixes of the first six tracks from Death Grips' Exmilitary mixtape, and now he's giving us his takes on the latter seven. Follow the directions below for a free download.

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