Saturday, November 12, 2011

STREAM: Chalices of the Past - Yucatan Explorer

Chalices of the Past is an electronic music project from UK-based artist Gus Beamish-Cook.  I accidentally stumbled upon this guy's music, and now I wish to extend that favor.

The music of Chalices in the Past is steeped in chiptunes, particularly noisy and electroclashy chiptunes.  That by itself is not so unheard of, but the ways these sounds are used to accent smooth dance jams and tropically-infused pop do sound quite fresh to me.  I really dig this contrast of sounds and styles, and it makes for a fun listen.

The latest EP from this outfit is Yucatan Explorer, a short collection of songs based loosely on this place called the internet (maybe you've heard of it).  I'm rather partial to the weirdly tropical sounds of tracks like "Panpipes/Mortals" and "Yucatan Explorer," but you'll find something different to enjoy in each song, including the more ambient explorations of "Beach Zone."

I highly recommend this if you're in the mood for some sunny Saturday 8-bit pop, or if you're fan of artists like Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, tUnE-yArDs, Crystal Castles, and wonder how it would sound if you put them into a blender.

Stream/buy Yucatan Explorer courtesy of Bandcamp:

BONUS: You can stream and/or freely download Chalices of the Past's first EP, 2 RUDE, below:

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