Monday, November 28, 2011

What I Bought #1

by Mark Gillis

Hey everyone, this is a little feature that I plan on doing every once in a while that I’m calling ‘What I Bought’. The concept is pretty easy, I just want to talk a little bit about all the music I bought in the past little while. I’d really like to turn this into a video feature sometime because I think it’s way more interesting if I show you what I bought rather than just typing it out. However, I’m ill-equipped to make videos right now so this will have to do.

The latest album that I received in the mail was the new PS I Love You compilation called Figure It Out on vinyl. The first side of the album features some early recordings from the band before drummer Ben Nelson joined guitarist and singer Paul Saulnier. That includes earlier versions of songs like ‘Facelove’ and ‘Scattered’, both of which appeared on PS I Love You’s debut album Meet Me At The Muster Station. The second side of the record consists of different non-album songs that PS I Love You has released like ‘Starfield’ and their collaboration with Diamond Rings called ‘Leftovers’. There is even a cover of Rush’s song ‘Subdivisions’ which I though was fucking awesome. It’s really nice to finally have all these awesome songs on one album rather than having to go around to different EPs and singles to listen to them.

The other album that I received in the mail this week was a reissue of the 1997 debut album by The Weakerthans, Fallow. I’ve loved The Weakerthans basically since I started seriously listening to music. They were one of the first bands that actually made me want to listen to their whole discography and Fallow was their first full album that I listened to, so I have a long relationship with this album. The record actually came on transparent brown vinyl so it’s not exactly the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen. However, I guess that it’s still something unique, how many of you can say you own a transparent brown record?

Next on my bought list was Hooded Fang’s latest album Tosta Mista. I saw these guys a couple of weeks ago at a show (that I reviewed here) for the second time this year and I just had to buy their album even though I already had it on CD. They had actually just gotten Tosta Mista in on vinyl before the show I went to so I was excited to be one of the first ones to own the album. It’s a really nice kind of marble blue and white colour, so it’s a lot nicer to look at than my Weakerthans albums.

Just prior to when I bought Tosta Mista I went to the record store one Sunday planning on buying something, even though I had no clue what I wanted to buy. I think of of may favourite things to do is to go visit a record store and just search through albums until I find something that I really love. It might be kind of weird but I find it excited not knowing what I could walk out of the store with. Anyway, I went in this store and just starting looking through the bins of albums until I stumbled across every single Pavement album. I’d actually just started listening to Pavement the week prior to this so I instinctively bought Slanted And Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. Those are two ridiculously awesome albums so I’m glad that I bought them.

The final album that I’ll talk about is the 2006 Debut record from Islands, Return To The Sea. I started to explore this band after I started listening to The Unicorns and then found out that Nick Thorburn formed Islands after The Unicorns (RIP) broke up. Soon after Return To The Sea turned into one of my favourite pop albums of all time, and this is coming from someone who adores pop music like no other genre. It was a really nice surprise to find out that the album cam on white vinyl too, I always love surprises like that when I buy records.

So those are a few albums that I bought recently. Hopefully I’ll be able to update you whenever I get a few new albums, and I hope even more that some of you are interesting in hearing exactly what I bought.

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