Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LIST: Favorite YouTube Channels

Hey, do you spend countless hours on YouTube? Me too! Do you need some help with awesome content providers? This is for you, unnecessarily inquisitive YPOIW reader that doesn't exist. 

How To: Batman / SharkBabyFilms
Essentially, How To: Batman is a series where a morbidly obese man dressed in a Batman costume does instructional videos. It's his oddball jokes that really make the series interesting for me. For instance, in the video below he's teaching his viewers how to do yoga, and his instructor shows us a "warrior" pose. Batman then proceeds to pretend that he's surfing. "I FEEL LIKE A SURF WARRIOR".

The Angry Video Game Nerd /
One of the internet's most popular web series, James Rolfe's The Angry Video Game Nerd, started all the way back in 2004. It essentially involves James reviewing classic video games and becoming irate at their general terribleness. Eventually, "The Nerd" evolved into its own character and the episodes became longer and more complicated over time. The massive popularity of the series (most of his videos are over 500,000 views on YouTube) has given James the ability to make a full length feature film on the character. Currently in a financing and pre-production mode, he's already raised $190,000 dollars for Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. Even as he's preparing to make a feature length film, he still churns out monthly AVGN videos and other (equally awesome) content over at Cinemassacre.

Dead End Hip-Hop
I love this channel; it's premise is to bring discussion to reviewing music on YouTube instead of one reviewer's opinion. The 4 stars of Dead End Hip-Hop have a passionate discussion on a wide range of topics, most notably album reviews. As there are 4 of them, very often they all have different takes and perceptions. It's almost more of a video podcast than a real video series, but it's just so damn entertaining. 

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