Thursday, December 8, 2011

STREAM : Giraffage - Comfort

Earlier this year San Francisco based producer Charlie Yin released the hazy yet glitchy EP Pretty Things. Grabbing elements of dream pop, glitch, and what some might call chillwave Charlie Yin created an atmosphere with thick yet dreamy vocal samples while proceeding to pierce through them with lush synth melodies.

In his new album Comfort, Giraffage all together moves away from the mellow harmonies and instead cuts up his vocal samples into bits and pieces only to stitch them back together for his own picture. Comfort stylistically focuses on relaxing glitch, ambient, and reverb ultimately creating a colorful trip for listeners. If you feel like putting some music on, laying back, and dozing off into another world then Comfort might just be for you.
 LUV by Giraffage
 Polar Bear by Giraffage

You can stream the entirety of Comfort on Bandcamp or pay what you want to download the full album as well.

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