Saturday, December 3, 2011

TRACK: Nujabes - "Sky is Tumbling" (feat. Cise Star)

Before his untimely death, Japanese beat producer Jun Seba, better known as Nujabes, made some of the best jazz-infused hip hop to ever grace the genre.  While his passing is still being mourned by music lovers everywhere (present company included), there is now a silver lining in the form of Spiritual State, a collection of tracks Nujabes was working on up until his death.

While it is certain this album won't quite match up to the proper third album Seba had envisioned, the sample track here should stifle any worries that Nujabes' material may have been handled improperly.  With the interesting rhythmic dynamic between the percussion and piano, the hints of saxophone, and the great contribution by Cise Star, this is Nujabes through and through.

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