Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VIDEO: The Flaming Lips cover "I Am the Walrus"

The Flaming Lips are a bunch of weirdos, that isn't even my opinion at this point.  Just go take a look at Wayne Coyne's crazy twitter feed where he tweets nothing but the strangest shit I've ever seen in my life. What have they done in the last year that didn't involve some sort of morbid gimmick?  Between gummy fetuses, skulls, and 24 hour songs in REAL human skulls they can be a hard band to follow in-between albums. Thankfully, here's a fairly Lips-ian take on the Beatles' classic "I am the Walrus". This is pure speculation, but it's likely in honor of the Lips playing a New Years Eve show with Yoko Ono this weekend. It's actually quite an interesting take, it's not surprising that a touchstone of psychedelic music is perfect fodder for a Flaming Lips song in 2011. It's more of a question of why haven't they already done this. 


  1. seeing him sing through a tiny hole in a thick piece of plastic is endlessly entertaining. I love how sloppy and DGAF this cover is, it makes it 10 times more interesting than a normal cover would be.