Wednesday, December 7, 2011

VIDEO: The Roots Play Tracks from undun on Fallon


The Roots playing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon isn't news at all, but with the release of their new album undun just yesterday, it only made sense for the group to do something special. Featuring Bilal, D.D. Jackson, and the Metropolis Ensemble, The Roots managed to pull together pretty powerful performances of the tracks "Tip the Scale", "Redford", and "The OtherSide". The former two tracks were played together as part of a medley, the orchestral "Redford" serving as a break in middle of "Tip the Scale". Check that one out below, as well as a particularly soulful rendition of "The OtherSide" in the video under it.

"Tip the Scale"/"Redford":

"The Otherside":

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