Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LIST: Top 3 Music Videos of 1/25/12

Honesty's the best policy right? Well folks, I totally forgot about writing something for the blog today until right now and I've got about an hour to publish something. Typically when I'm grossly irresponsible I turn to the world of YouTube to do all real work for me. So I present to you: the next (top, whatever) 5(3) music videos I come across on the internet.

Desire - "Under Your Spell" (Drive Soundtrack)
Not an official video, but pretty well put together. I just love watching footage from Drive, it's such a beautiful looking film. Don't watch this if you haven't seen the film because it does contain spoilers.
Best YouTube Comment: "EPIC MOVIE! AND YES MY CAPS ARE ON SO IM SHOUTING THIS!!!!" -pixiedetective

Pulled Apart By Horses - "V.E.N.O.M." (Tough Love)
I loved the first PABH record, they took the post-hardcore style and made it more fun than any other band in recent memory. This new album features more of a sludgy rock & roll style and a little more seriousness. This video has ALL THE AWESOME though, dude getting chased by flaming middle fingers bro? Check. Mysterious and malevolent force? Check. Dismemberment? Yep.
Best YouTube Comment: "Could James be wearing a less offensive jumper for a hardcore video" -marysieka1

Fang Island - "Careful Crossers" (Fang Island)
This video is kind of an experience, there's crazy lens flares every 3 seconds and costumes and a ton of energy. It's pretty much an exact embodiment of what Fang Island's sound is. I still don't think their claim that it sounds like "everybody high fiving each other" is all that far-fetched.
Best YouTube Comment: " @TheHeadInHands
Someone's raging over a humorous comment.
Hint: It's you.
you're raging" -Hektas

(note: this was supposed to be 5 videos until blogger decided to freeze and cause me to lose half of this post. If you're disappointed this ends here: blame Google.)

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