Monday, February 6, 2012

THE BEST IN FREE: Literature - Arab Spring

In the first installment of an ongoing feature highlighting the best in free music, YPOIW brings you Arab Spring, the debut album from Literature.  While the title of the record is timely, the music found on it recalls the past, specifically the year 1986 where a little cassette would have a profound impact on British indie music.  While the Austin four-piece borrows the emphasis on melody and signature jangle of C86 legends like The Pastels, Shop Assistants, and Orange Juice, the band plays with a fervent energy and tempo, ensuring no song on the album breaks the three minute mark.

In fact, the impassioned ferocity in which Literature play is the main source in which Arab Spring derives its catchiness and ability to part any clouds above the listener (that statement was both cheesy and accurate).  The shouted vocals of Kevin Adickes and Nathaniel Cardaci are the perfect to compliment to beefy bass lines, fast-and-furious guitar melodies, and flurries of frenzied drums.  While the majority of tracks on the album stick to this tried-and-true power pop instrumental combination, light keyboards find themselves on a few tracks, adding a nice bit of color.

Download the album for however much you'd like to pay, below:

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