Friday, February 17, 2012

TOP 5: Live Pixies Videos

The Pixies are my favorite band, that much is certain... but I've never had the privilege of seeing them live. Regardless, I spend an inordinate amount of time on YouTube watching Pixies live shows. Here's a few of my absolute favorites to help you get your weekend started right.

5. "Hey" (1988, The Lonely Charts Club) - When I close my eyes at night I have a real problem... I hear Joey's solo from this song. It can't be helped. Go see this lot will ya?

Best YouTube Comment: The host has a Fall shirt and a Morrissey haircut, so obviously he's cool and totally not a gigantic douchebag, at all. -TheEnchantingWizard1

4. "I've Been Tired" (1986, Boston?) - One of the Pixies best non-album songs, here's an extremely early performances of said song. To think the Pixies were already this amazing over a year before the release of Surfer Rosa is the most mind-blowing thing ever. Bands aren't suppossed to be writing songs this refined and unique right after their formation, it's great evidence to how special the Pixies really were.

Best YouTube Comment: Who is that skinny guy who sounds like a pre-pubescent Black Fr .... Oh, never mind. It's like half of him. The reverse of those guys who do weight loss commercials standing inside pants made by Omar the Tentmaker. -fullflava

3. "Something Against You" (1990, The Netherlands) - For those of you playing at home, this is from before the release of Nevermind.

Best YouTube Comment: See, finding stuff like this justifies my wasting ridiculous amounts of time on YouTube. -gougeaway777

2. "Gigantic" (1988) - Kim Deal's basslines are always one of the Pixies' defining characteristics. But her real claim to fame is her ode to big black cocks that she sang lead on. PRO-TIP: The guitar solo by Joey Santiago is one of the finest ever crafted by humans.

Best YouTube Comment: Still have a crush on Kim Deal. -sjam042

1. "Tame" (1991, London) - Only the Pixies would be genius enough to have a breathing section written into a song so Black Francis can scream as loudly as possible. This video is the perfect evidence of how powerful his growl really was. This might be the Pixies' simplest song ever, but it's just a perfect example to the formula that they were going for.

Best YouTube Comment: i keep replaying the guy's hand movements at 1:04 -mollehhhx

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