Friday, March 2, 2012

STREAM: The External World OST

If you are unfamiliar with the short animated film The External World, or if you have not yet been exposed to the genius that is David OReilly, I first strongly suggest you head over to YouTube and fix this egregious error.

Go on, we can wait.


(While you're there, you should watch OReilly's other films on the channel too. Especially Please Say Something.)


Okay, if you enjoyed the film, and even if you didn't, you can now listen to and purchase the original soundtrack for The External World.  Written and recorded by Bram Meindersma, the OST is a musical journey a full 20 minutes long!  (That's 3 minutes longer than the film itself!)  Listen to the "Happy Guy Theme" on repeat!  Get lost in the haunting beauty of "Geist"!  Let "The External World Theme" depress you!  Jazz it up with "Jazzworm"!  "Go Fuck Yourself"!

Stream/buy the tracks below.  At only $5, it's well worth it.

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