Friday, March 16, 2012

STREAM: Hanetration - "Tenth Oar EP"


Due to the marginal amount of information the person behind this project provided me, there's not much I can say in regards to Hanetration's background other than that it's an ambient/glitch/drone project based out of London. This lack of details isn't tied to an uninteresting product, however. Hanetration specializes in the sort of blend of electronic drones and manipulated samples for which I'm somewhat of a sucker. It's the kind of thing that often strikes me as "hit or miss", with some of my favorite artists pulling it off beautifully, but many others falling flat. The "misses" are comprised largely of music that confuses minimalism as an excuse to forgo an interesting foreground, setting all too comfortably into the stereotype that ambient music is simply "background music". Fortunately, this project sidesteps this pitfall by effectively exploring the possibilities of samples and glitches to create memorable hooks. The result is music that is still minimal in its approach, yet intact in its impact. I could recommend this for fans of Loscil, Fennesz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Tim Hecker, and even the beat-less interludes that are spread throughout Boards of Canada albums, but that's not to suggest that Hanetration sounds too much like any other artist. The project isn't without its relatively clear influences, but ultimately, Hanetration offers a solid take on ambient music by balancing uniqueness with familiarity, minimalism with dynamic, and experimentation with accessibility.

Stream the entirety of a four-track EP, entitled Tenth Oar EP, below.

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