Friday, March 16, 2012

STREAM: Treefingers - Scarlet Prayer EP

One of the best things about writing for a music blog is that lots of people contact you about their music. The vast majority of these submissions are simply not interesting enough to pursue any further, however this is not the case with Wisconsin based musician Erik Kersting, better known as Treefingers. The heart of Treefinger's music is affecting melodies that evoke a lot of the same emotion that artists like Panda Bear or Young Man provide. It's what some would classify as freak-folk, but it's more accurately described as a collection of sweet songs with a lot of heart. My favorite song here is "Forgotten Eye", which has a beautiful sentiment: "I've wandered through every valley, but now I've got nowhere to go". If Treefingers keeps putting out music like this, he's going to prove himself wrong.

You can stream this EP below, please consider downloading it from Bandcamp to support a young musician trying to find his way.

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