Friday, April 13, 2012

TRACK: Laurel Halo - "Light + Space"


Electronic experimentalist Laurel Halo is gearing up to release her first proper full-length album, titled Quarantine, on June 5 (May 28 in the U.K.) via
Hyperdub. Below, you can stream the track "Light + Space," which is set to appear on the album.

The track is built on a set of synthesizer drones that should make
Oneohtrix Point Never fans happy, but the real hook comes with Halo's vocals. Unlike many other bedroom-recording vocalists of this day and age, Halo isn't afraid to bring her voice right to the front of the mix. She justifies the choice with considerably strong melodies, which are complemented with gorgeous background harmonies that color the chorus. If Halo is able to combine unique sound with emotional impact this effectively on the rest of Quarantine, I think it will be one heck of an album.

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