Friday, April 13, 2012

TRACK: Tim Hecker - "Suffocation Raga for John Cale"


Velvet Underground legend John Cale has a new 12" on the way for Record Store Day, which will feature remixes for tracks from 2011's Extra Playful EP from the likes of Actress, Leyland Kirby, Alva Noto, Maria Minerva, and ambient virtuoso Tim Hecker. Below, you can hear a contribution from the latter titled "Suffocation Raga for John Cale." For fans of last year's still-awesome Ravedeath, 1972, the presence of Hecker's characteristic washes of harmonious noise is unlikely to disappoint. Check it out via the SoundCloud widget, and head down a bit further for the release's track list.

Track List:
A1. "Whaddya Mean By That" – Maria Minvera's Freaky Cafe Del Mar Mix
A2. "Perfection" – Actress Reflection Mix
A3. "Catastrofuk’ – Alva Noto Remodel
B1. "Watching & Waiting For You To Begin" – Leyland Kirby
B2. "Suffocation Raga For John Cale" – Tim Hecker

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