Thursday, May 24, 2012

HEAVY FRIENDS: Seven Sisters of Sleep - "Slower Downer"

If you know me, you'd know that I'm a huge connoisseur of rock music of the heavy variety. Basically, I'm a huge metalhead; I frequent metal shows on a regular basis, and I've recently come across, and seen, a southern California band called Seven Sisters of Sleep. This band released their self-titled debut album on vinyl through A389 Recordings and on CD through Southern Lord. The beefiness and power of this band is comparable to other Southern Lord related acts such as Boris and Sunn O)).

This track, "Slower Downer" is from the band’s upcoming self titled 7″. The track begins with some feedback that teases towards something huge, and when the drums hit and the guitars come roaring in, it is nothing short of an eargasm. The sound of this track dwarfs the more lo-fi recording on their self-titled album, which I feel muddied up the heaviness and robbed the tracks of the greater power they could have had. That issue is clearly trampled over on this track; the frequencies are low and the sound is gargantuan. The riffs can be criticized for being too standard as far as sludge/crust/doom metal is concerned, but everything the band does is performed with such power and conviction that I couldn't possibly hold that against them. What you do is important, but how you do it is just as important. The vocals are extremely harsh and slightly muffled, but the passion is clearly there.

Stream the track below and look out for a physical release of the 7" next month via A389 Recordings.

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