Saturday, May 26, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW 5/20 - 5/26

Week In Review is the feature where I go over the noteworthy things from the past week. Sometimes this is music related, but often it is not. I'd like to apologize for the abbreviated version because it just wasn't a particularly noteworthy week. You can express your disappointment with me on twitter if you want, I definitely deserve it. 

* Kudos for Buffalo Place and Funtime After Dark for landing artists like Built To Spill and Girl Talk to play on the waterfront this year. I've been a huge advocate for Buffalo building a permanent ampitheater on the waterfront and starting a huge summer music festival. The harbor is big enough that 40-60,000 could be accommodated easily, let's think bigger and do something special to get people into this city and spending money. Thursday at the Square Harbor has been going strong and producing big crowds downtown since 1991 and there's absolutely no reason that Buffalo shouldn't have a big time annual music festival.

* The Flaming Lips are attempting to break Jay Z's record of 7 concerts in a 24 hour period by playing 8 on June 27th. I'm just glad that I'm seeing them on the 16th because I can't imagine how short some of those sets are going to be.

* Last week the news was that Handsome Furs has broken up, this week there's much happier news to report that Dan Boeckner has formed a new band. The group, Divine Fits will comprise Dan along with Britt Daniel from Spoon and Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks. The band is on Merge and will release their debut album later this year. As a huge fan of both Spoon and Handsome Furs I await that record with much anticipation.

Dan Harmon has been ousted as the show-runner for Community. Do we even want #sixseasonsandamovie anymore? This is definitely the darkest timeline.

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