Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HEAVY FRIENDS: Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust split "Toxic Waste"

Two of the biggest names in thrash metal right now, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste, have released a free split EP on Tankcrimes aptly titled Toxic Waste. If you are so inclined you can stream and/or download it from bandcamp below

I have an odd relationship with thrash metal. Often times I tend to pass it off as a subgenre of metal made up of cheap thrills, but sometimes I come across a band that, well, thrills me. Toxic Holocaust happens to be one of them, however I've just never cared for Municipal Waste. They're not a band that offends me, but they've never held a definitive sound for me. It feels like I'm just listening to any old thrash metal band, and that issue remains intact on their side of this split. The guitar tone, the grooves, the gang vocals, the way the band writes these songs, everything just feels overly standard to me. The only unique thing I can see about the band is the vocalist, who isn't all that unique really. But the bottom line is that I just find the voice kind of annoying. I guess this one just ain't for me.

However the Toxic Holocaust side is what really gets me going. These two tracks sound like they could've come straight off the band's latest album Conjure and Command, which was easily one of the more memorable thrash records of last year. Both of these tracks have the same crusty sound that that album had; the abrasive guitar tone coupled with frontman Joel Grind's uniquely harsh voice is really what sets this band apart for me and makes them a uniquely grim thrash band, in my book. Both these tracks, "We Bring 'Em Hell" and "Altar-ed States", have major guts, but I find myself preferring the latter a little more. The riff at the beginning is more defined, and because the track is longer than the previous one, it goes through more sections and feels more developed. But both are great bursts of energy.

Even if I'm not into both of these bands, Toxic Holocaust's side is enough for me to recommend you try it, and who knows, you may find yourself liking the Municipal Waste side more than myself. Stream the split below, and download it for free if you please.

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