Friday, June 29, 2012

HEAVY FRIENDS: Agalloch - "Faustian Echoes"

Agalloch have been one of my favorite metal bands for a good long while. They've been innovative in the past with introducing folk and post-rock elements into conventional black metal, and have stayed relevant throughout their sixteen year career. This past week they surprisingly released their long-talked about EP "Faustian Echoes", which consists of a single, 21-minute track based off Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s epic masterpiece “Faust.”

And the track in question is very epic. If you were to be really nitpicky with this one, the band haven't evolved the sound of this one much from their previous album, 2010's Marrow of the Spirit, but who cares. This isn't a full length, so why would it need that huge of a shift in sound? What we have here is everything that's made Agalloch so great in one 21-minute package (it's a little light on the acoustics though). I just wish I knew more about "Faust" so I can understand the concept of this song more deeply; but that definitely doesn't hinder my extreme enjoyment of this EP at all.

Stream the whole damn thing below. Agalloch starts touring next month, so if they come in your area I highly recommend seeing them. I know I am.

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