Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TRACK: Baroness - "March to the Sea"

Baroness has dropped yet another fantastic track from their upcoming double album Yellow & Green. Like "Take My Bones Away", this new song "March to the Sea" was also played live for me when I saw the band in support for Meshuggah; but John Baizley's inaudible guitar pretty much meant I couldn't hear half the song. But thankfully we have a studio version to relish in.

The guitar melody in the beginning of the track starts it off on a pretty sunny note, which fits the uplifting, positive atmosphere surrounding this one. This is as sunny as the sunniest tracks off the new Torche album Harmonicraft. But don't think this band has sacrificed songsmanship, because the riffs and guitar leads are just as righteous as Baroness has ever sounded. Is the track as "heavy" as Baroness has ever been? No. Does it matter? No.

Check out this track via Pitchfork, and look out for Yellow & Green on July 17th on Relapse Records.

(If you want to hear Robby talk about more righteous music, check out his YouTube page.)

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