Friday, June 1, 2012

TRACK: Matthew Dear - "Her Fantasy"


Following 2010's fantastic Black City, Matthew Dear will be releasing another new album, titled Beams. The LP is looking at an August 27 release date via Ghostly International. In the mean time, Dear has let out "Her Fantasy," a gradually building take on dance music that spans just over six minutes. The song will make an appearance on Beams along with the title track from the Headcage EP that was released earlier in the year.

One of the aspects that made Black City so appealing was its seamless fusion of dark atmosphere and a highly danceable edge. Dear demonstrates a similar knack on this new song, but this time around, the mood has been noticeably elevated. Whereas Black City envisioned a "never-sleeping town... full of lust, and love, and dark shadows," "Her Fantasy" feels like the escape from this city into its brighter counterpart, a vibrant excursion that shows hints of a gloomy past yet also carries a celebratory air.

Stream the track below, and look for a release of the single on June 5 by way of Ghostly.

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