Saturday, June 9, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW: 6/3 - 6/9

Week In Review is the feature where Kyle goes over the noteworthy events in the past week of music and beyond. It's really probably our worst feature and you probably shouldn't read it if you're any kind of self-respecting person.  If you have an undying need to tell him how terrible he is you can reach him on the Twitterverse here.


*Erykah Badu is a really bad person. Is she really claiming that she had no idea what the content of this video was going to be? Is she just not paying attention to everything that Wayne Coyne has done since Embryonic has come out? Does anyone remember the last Flaming Lips video that was safe for work? 

*Japandroids tore the shit out of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week. It's great when a band can bring high energy to late night, because too often we get lackadaisical and tone-deaf performances from red headed one hit wonders.

*Killer Mike has released a new music video for "Big Beast" that is essentially Drive except with zombified strippers. For those of you that think "zombie strippers" is a unique concept, think again.

*Off's new video for "Cracked" features sign spinners and a twist at the end. This video is a hell of a lot more entertaining than the new Off! album, coincidentally.

* An Elvis hologram is currently in development. This can only mean the end of civilization is upon us, so enjoy those digital hips!

*Danny Brown's new video for "Grown Up" watches like a new sequel to Problem Child; it's a shame that John Ritter isn't around anymore and couldn't cameo. You can watch this little fucker do whatever he wants without adult supervision below.

*Damian Abraham from Fucked Up has a new side project called Crimsane, and their debut demo "Chinafastgrow" is absolutely fucking terrifying. This reminds me of the stuff that Jay Reatard was doing on World of Shit in its abrasiveness and complete lack of recording quality. Try not to listen to anything I just linked to around other human beings.


*Rick Jeanneret, the longtime play by play man for the Buffalo Sabres is going into the hockey hall of fame as the 2012 winner of the Foster Hewitt Award. There isn't much that can make a 23 year old man burst into tears in public, but that's what happened to me Friday afternoon when I heard the news. Nobody in professional sports has the undying passion that RJ has, and NOBODY deserves this honor as much as him. Below I've embedded the first part of Voices, which is an NHL Network show on the most legendary men behind the microphones of NHL games. It gives great insight on why Rick is easily the most beloved figure in the history of sports in the city of Buffalo.

*This feature will be taking an off week next week because I'll be seeing the Flaming Lips in Toronto, it will return the following Saturday. I apologize in advance.

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