Friday, July 13, 2012

HEAVY FRIENDS: Gaza - “The Truth Weighs Nothing”

(HEAVY FRIENDS is the segment where Robby pumps up new metal and hardcore music into YPOIW. Prepare for the stampede.)

Gaza are one of my favorite modern hardcore bands, maybe because they go off the deep end more than most would dare to. Take the most brutal death metal you could find and I don't think that would touch the brutality and violence that Gaza display track after track. They have a new album, No Absolutes in Human Suffering, and to make up for not covering their first released track "Mostly Hair and Bones Now", I figured I should have the common courtesy to expose y'all to their newly released sludgebomb of a track, "The Truth Weighs Nothing".

This thing is a demolition derby in a minute and 43 seconds, which a very interesting target: Tim Tebow. Here are the lyrics below so you can better understand this situation.

It sure was nice of Jesus to take time away from ignoring
Ethnic cleansing genocide and famine bloated children.
Or regrowing limbs for landmine victims
To help you score that touchdown
To help you find your keys
To help you land that promotion.
Is it that he can’t? Or is it that he won’t?
Wake up. Wake the fuck up.
The truth weighs nothing. Travel light. Be unburdened

Yep. They ain't kind. Stream the track here via Decibel magazine's website, and look out for No Absolutes in Human Suffering out on July 31st on Black Market Activities.

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