Monday, July 9, 2012

HEAVY FRIENDS: Taurus - "Life"

(HEAVY FRIENDS is the feature where Robby promotes and/or dissects music from up and coming acts in the metal world that he thinks is worth hearing.)

Taurus is a doom metal project out of Portland, Oregon which is a project led by Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle. Like that project, Taurus is a duo, with Floyd being joined by Ashley Spungin on drums. My interest in this project stemmed from not only Floyd's involvement in it, but also that they will be joining Agalloch for a few dates on their upcoming tour, one of which is the particular show I will be going to next month.

Taurus' debut full length, Life, is essentially a two-part song that adds up to a little over 32 minutes. If you listen to Dark Castle what you'll inevitably get is a collection of thick, rumbling doom metal crushers that will remind you of some of the best in the genre. Taurus is a much different project, because while I still consider it doom metal at the end of the day, the music being created here owes just as much to drone metal, psychedelic music, and even dark ambient in the beginning of the second part. The guitars don't assault you with their heaviness immediately, this is definitely a project that requires a good amount of patience. But with that patience comes great, great reward.

Stream the whole damn thing below and sacrifice yourself to the power of doom.

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