Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TRACK: Actress - "Shocktherapy101"


Hot off the heels of March's fantastic R.I.P., Darren Cunningham as Actress is back with a new single. Titled "Shocktherapy101," the track was dropped quietly via Cunningham's not so revealing Twitter a few days ago. Stream it by way of the SoundCloud widget below.

After moving further toward abstraction with R.I.P., Actress is taking a relatively grounded approach with "Shocktherapy101," utilizing a straightforward four-to-the-floor beat that lends the song a danceable edge more akin to 2010's Splazsh. The repetition and minimalism that normally define Cunningham's music is certainly still present, however. "Shocktherapy101" exhibits only subtle changes over the course of its five-minute running time, riding a stuttering, sparse synth line for hypnotic effect. It's not quite Actress' most stunning output, but it's nevertheless an exceptional afterthought to R.I.P., and a testament to Cunningham's versatility as a producer.

Actress – ShockTherapy101 by DummyMag

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