Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TRACK: Clark - "Fantasm Planes"


IDM veteran Clark recently dropped his sixth studio LP, Iradelphic, which I touched on briefly in my review of his overlooked 2006 gem Body Riddle. The producer is following that album with a new EP that consists of six new tracks. Titled Fantasm Planes, it will be looking at a September 3rd/4th release date via Warp Records. Below, you can stream the title track via Warp's YouTube channel, under which you can also take a look at the EP's track list.

Even if you were among those who stood on the negative side of the divided reception toward Iradelphic, "Fantasm Planes" may offer something for you. The song sees Clark abandoning the relatively understated approach and acoustic instrumentation that defined much of that record in favor of something more driving and rooted in electronics. With this trade doesn't come the loss of a sense of melody, however. Instead, Clark allows a series of cycling synthesizer sequences to take hold of this department, all while crushingly heavy percussion provides a thrilling rhythmic backdrop. It is at once a sound unique to Clark's name and one that explores territory previously uncharted even by the producer himself: the mark of an artist that is constantly moving forward.

Fantasm Planes Track List:

1. Fantasm Planes
2. Henderson Swooping
3. Com Re-Touch / Pocket for Jack
4. Brigitte
5. Secret Slow Show
6. Dove In Flames

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