Saturday, July 7, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW: 7/1 - 7/7

Week in review is the weekly feature where Kyle goes over the most noteworthy news events in the worlds of music and beyond. If you think I missed something you can be a prick and tell me about it on twitter. Though, I can't guarantee I won't just block you.

*Animal Collective has unveiled newer artwork for their upcoming album Centipede Hz. It's a huge improvement from the artwork they originally revealed a few weeks ago by most accounts. Personally I kind of liked how terrible the last one was, because the general feeling I have is that the worse an Animal Collective cover is, the better the album winds up being. The only real question surrounding the album art at this point is when the Rolling Stones sends their cease and desist letter,

*Spiritualized has released a new music video for "Little Girl". It features a young girl running away from home and falling in with all sorts of unscrupulous characters. The imagery in this video is a little too obvious to me... a young girl on the road to independence does not need to physically be on a road. At least she's wearing a helmet when she's doing a wheelie at a high speed, I guess.

*Christopher Owens has decided to leave Girls. I guess that means that Girls is no longer a band, but does anyone even kind of care about this? Chris Owens was basically the only member of the band anyway and he's already said that he's going to continue to make music. The real question I have is why he didn't just fire whoever he had the issues with in the band. Does he not know that he's basically in charge and could have pulled a Corgan? guess not.

Sorry for the abbreviated version this week but not much really happened. I guess I could tell you about the shoe that M83 designed or Coachella remaining in Indio, CA but I really don't care about this things. Hopefully next week is more noteworthy or I suddenly broaden my interests in life.

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