Saturday, August 11, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW: August 11, 2012

Week In Review is the feature where Kyle (that's me!) goes over current events in music and beyond. It's pretty much the only news post on this blog and as such it is both the best and worst written news you'll read here. You can follow me on Twitter here if you feel so inclined. I promise daily opinions on a whole buffet of topics you don't care about at all.


* Titus Andronicus have announced that their 3rd album is entitled Local Business and that it's coming out on October 23rd via XL Recordings. The energetic Jersey based punk band first captured my heart with their sprawling, ambitious sophomore release The Monitor. My excitement level for this new album at an all time high after watching the following YouTube video for "Still Life With Hot Deuce and Silver Platter" and "Ecce Homo", perhaps you'll have a similar reaction.

*The LCD Soundsystem funeral concert film SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS is getting a DVD/Blu Ray release after it's one night only theatrical release. It's coming out on October 9th and it features a complete and unedited version of LCD Soundsystem's final set in Madison Square Garden. It's 3 discs and is said to be coming with some "surprise extras". You can pre-order it HERE if you live in the US or Canada and I really recommend you do because it's fantastic.

*The Beastie Boys' have sued Monster Energy Drinks for using their music in an advertisement for an event they held in Colorado the day after Adam Yauch died. It was reported by various websites a few weeks ago that Adam Yauch's will forbid any use of his name, image, or music in advertisements following his death. It appears as if the 2 remaining members of the group are taking his wishes extremely seriously. Too often the wishes of dead artists are ignored, so it's actually pretty refreshing to see the Beastie Boys' fight for his right for peace... so to speak.

* Lollapalooza has announced that they are expanding their festival to include an Israel edition in Tel Aviv in 2013. Good for them, I love the idea of expanding to areas of the world without major music festivals. The people of Israel deserve their own music festival as much as anyone else does.

*The Evil Empire Pitchfork is currently conducting a reader poll of the best albums from the entire history of their website. Users are being asked to vote for their top 20-100 albums from 1996-2011. It's all a formality anyway because we all know who is going to win...

no but seriously.

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