Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lapalux - "Forgetting and Learning Again" (ft. Kerry Leatham)

Recommended by Danny Spiteri.

One of the most recent signees on Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder imprint is Lapalux, a U.K. producer who made his debut with the label earlier this year with the enjoyable When You're Gone EP. Lapalux has another EP on the way, titled Some Other Time, that is looking at an October 16 release date. "Forgetting and Learning Again," which features vocalist Kerry Leatham, is the first single from the EP, and can be streamed and downloaded for free via the Bandcamp widget below.

Although "Forgetting and Learning Again" doesn't bring a drastic change in Lapalux's sound, it does strike me as being a step forward for him. His thick, detailed production style feels more focused here, translating into an instrumental that is both well-developed and emotionally resonant. What truly rounds out the song, however, is Kerry Leatham's subtly soulful vocal delivery. Her verses that lead the first half of the track establish an appropriately intimate vibe, but the true payoff begins at its halfway point. First pulling back for a quiet interlude, the song then unfolds into an explosive climax. It is exhilarating enough on its own, but the true euphoria ensues when Kerry's refrain of "so I guess I'll have another" begins repeating, pairing up beautifully with the steady rise of the instrumentation. In just over four minutes, "Forgetting and Learning Again" display's Lapalux's ability to craft music that is stunning in both sound and emotional weight; it's a powerful skill for an electronic producer to have, and one that will hopefully continue to present itself in his work.

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