Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TRACK: Born Gold - "Sky Bicycle"

Last year Canadian hyper-pop outfit Born Gold released one of my favourite records of the year with their album Bodysongs. It moved a relentlessly frenetic pace with some blindingly bright electronics. I'd recommend listening to Bodysongs if you feel like dancing on a sugar high or something like that.

Born Gold's sophmore album titled Little Sleepwalker is due out on October 23 and today they offered us a taste of what to expect with a new track named "Sky Bicycle". While "Sky Bicycle" doesn't really go at the breakneck speed that a lot of the songs on Bodysongs did, all of the busy and at times claustrophobic electronics and skittery beats are still there. The most notable change is probably Cecil Frena's warped vocal delivery. Have a listen for yourself down below.

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  1. this song is definitely a new sound for them, but it's still really interesting.