Monday, November 5, 2012

LIST: Top 5 Gangnam Style Parodies

For those of you who are currently living under a rock, PSY is a South Korean pop star and his "Gangnam Style" music video that has graduated from meme to full blown cultural phenomenon. It has racked up nearly 650 million views on YouTube as of this post and landed PSY a major record contract. He's also  been making numerous national television appearances in the US including the 2012 VMAs. Normally we don't really cover something this broadly popular here, but "Gangnam Style" is so unequivocally awesome that you're just going to have to deal with it. I fully believe that world peace will one day be achieved through this song.

The unprecedented popularity of "Gangnam Style" has led to hundreds (if not thousands) of parody videos being uploaded to YouTube... I bet you can see where this is going.

TOP 5 Gangnam Style Parody Videos

"Mitt Romney Style": CollegeHumor isn't exactly the best content producer out there but this video really works for me because it's exactly how I perceive Mitt Romney. I can't help but picture him bombing around golf courses with his rich guy friends and constantly reminding everyone at how much money he has. My favorite moment here is when he slaps a 47% sticker on the back of the guy giving him wine.


"Minecraft Style": One of the only things that has been a comparable cultural phenomenon this year is the popularity of the video game Minecraft and this video combines the 2 in a pretty awesome way. I dare you to get "HEY SEXY PIGGIES" out of your brain anytime soon.


"Skyrim Style": It's 2012 and I suggest you use our technology to mod The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim so you can spawn in guards that do "Gangnam Style" dance. I should probably amend my review to include this new found functionality.


"Satuday Night Live - Lids": A recent sketch on SNL had employees of a hat store cheering each other up by hitting a button that created an instant live performance of "Gangnam Style" in the store. This all culminates with PSY himself appearing at the end and the proclamation of "Did he just scream at her butt? Damn right brah we're gonna live forever!"


"GANGNAM STYLE PARODY (강남스타일) - The Oregon Duck": Someone at Oregon state decided (wisely) that this was a good use of money but they also dediced to cut out "sexy" for some reason... probably because the university considers the duck to be for kids. Anyway this is all the proof I have to offer that giant football mascots make everything that exists better.

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