Friday, November 9, 2012

TRACK: Cities Aviv - "Forever"

Save a few stray singles on his Bandcamp, oddball rapper Cities Aviv has been relatively quiet since the release of last year's exceptional Digital Lows. The MC has another release slated for Novemeber 13, however, titled Black Pleasure, which will arrive by way of Mishka Records. Check out a single from the album, "Forever," via Mishka's SoundCloud below.

By this point, experimentation with unconventional production choices has become somewhat of an expectation with Cities Aviv. With "Forever," he travels even further down the rabbit hole than normal, spitting over a highly danceable synthesizer-oriented beat. His verse doesn't start until nearly halfway through the song, and yet even with his voice settling in a low spot in the mix, his adept flow and personality cut through. "Forever" is a short song, but nonetheless a reminder of Cities Aviv's exciting refusal to be too confined.

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