Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TRACKS: Fuzz - "This Time I Got a Reason" & "Fuzz's Fourth Dream"

If you thought after releasing three stellar albums in 2012 (two of which making YPOIW's own list), if you thought garage rocker Ty Segall was going to give it a rest in 2013, you've already been proven wrong. After going hard last year Ty is back again with a project featuring himself on vocals and drums and his own Ty Segall Band member Charles Moothart on guitar duties. The project is called Fuzz, and a listen to the “This Time I Got A Reason” (b/w “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream”) single will show the project is very appropriately named.

This project has me very excited because judging by these jams, the low-end dominated, heavy, pulsating guitar sound of Slaughterhouse is very intact. But that isn't to say Fuzz is a retread of that songwriting style, because these tunes have a very different flavor; I'm getting a jammy, stoner rock vibe from this music, in fact it almost reminds me of Black Sabbath put through a grimier, garage-y lens. The tempos of these tracks are so well suited for the druggy atmosphere, and if this is the sound Fuzz will be playing with in future releases, I am very excited.

The single itself, released by Chicago label Trouble in Mind, is already sold out, but fear not! Stream the two tracks below and see for yourself what may potentially be Ty's next big project in 2013.

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  1. One of them got taken down? weird... I thought these were official releases. I'm digging "Fuzz's Fourth Dream".