Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Greg Enemy - Xtra Small

Here's a hip hop act free from the digital grid-locked rhythm of today's generics yet binded to the coolest weird you'll find in the recently immortalized Flying Lotus. Greg Enemy takes the sophisticated P-funk inspired wit of Outkast's Aquemini and throws the raw, chaotic layering of Los Angeles and Cosmogramma into the mix. Xtra Small's density comes from a high mass low volume formula, occupying less than 40 minutes of playtime, packing way more jabs than hooks. Its fun, delightfully disorienting, nerdy, and deeply referential to its influences. It goes without saying that there is plenty of bass on this piece of work. Give it a listen.

You can download it here, for free.

And make sure you hit up his site

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