Wednesday, November 23, 2011

INTERVIEW: 1 Minute Miracles

So ever since this post from Danny alerting me to producer 1 Minute Miracles, I've been playing the hell out of his compilation of sliced up beats entitled GREETINGS. Below, the man himself was kind enough to answer a few questions.

When did you first start creating music. Has it always been production or do you play any other instruments?
I was 14. I learned how to play guitar and started writing my own songs. Then like 5 years later, I got into making "beats" cuz I got kicked out of every band I joined!
Who/what have been your biggest inspirations musically and non-musically?
MADLIB. Quantity and quality of his output is unreal ... the list of others is just too long!
Non-musically, I really like Jim Henson and Robert Crumb. Both very interesting/funny people.

How would you describe you’re creative process. Is it usually a case of hearing a song and being inspired to sample it or will you ever have a particular sound or concept in mind and search for something that fits?

I listen to some records until I hear some sound or melody that I like. Start chopping it up and adding layers. The arrangement comes last. Arrangement is a real challenge for me and that's sorta why I started this 1-minute project.

I'm a pretty huge fan of the concept of sampling in general. What would you say to those (silly) people who may attempt to discredit it as an art form?

At least I admit I'm stealing someones song.

I do a little feature covering some of my favourite hip hop samples. Do you have any favourites yourself?
I don't actively seek out sample sources but, I love when I stumble upon them. It happens to me a lot!
Recently, I was listening to Steely Dan and I heard the track Kanye sampled for "Champion" ... that made me laugh.

I love your idea of giving away free physical copies of GREETINGS along with other goodies. What made you do that?

I love holding an album in my hands and I hate getting bills in the mail. I just put 2 and 2 together.  

Any aspirations to collaborate with MC’s? Who do you think would suit your style of production? 

Absolutely! It'd be great to bounce ideas around and work with a real person! Someone told me Danny Brown would sound good on my beats; I hear he's pretty good ... haven't heard his album yet though.

Must say I was intrigued by your track titles. How do they usually come about? Do you just love tuna casserole?  

When I go to export my work, I just type in the first thing that comes to my mind. Yes, I do love tuna casserole; although I've never had a po' boy sandwich.

Clearly you’re a fan of the Death Grips album (me too), what else have you been feeling this year?

That's a tough question! I rarely buy or hear new releases ... New stuff I've bought this year, I got the Stones Throw Direct-to-Disc series, Madlib's Medicine Show 1-12, and Deerhoof vs Evil.

Saw on Twitter that you went record shopping on your birthday, I did exactly the same! What have been your most recent purchases and do you have any standout favourites in the collection?

I've been replacing a lot of my mp3 collection on vinyl! On my birthday I got Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica, Jandek - Six and Six, Lou Reed - Rock 'n Roll Animal, Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity, and some Madlib CD's I've been searching for forever. Hmmm, as for standout's in my collection, I've got like 4 of the screen-printed Madlib Medicine Show albums; I just can't say no to limited-run LPs.

What future miracles can we expect?

Just a lot more music. Gonna go in some different directions, try some new things. Pretty excited for the new year.

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