Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VIDEO: Austra - Believe Me (Paper Bag Session)

I've posted the two previous Paper Bag Sessions that Austra has done ('Lose It' and 'The Choke'). Well now we have the third and final installment for their song 'Believe Me'. This song was originally a solo Katie Stelmanis song, but I guess now that it's being branded as an Austra song. Again, it just features Katie and a piano, and it's awesome of course. So just go ahead and watch it down below.

There was also another piece of exciting news to come out of the Austra camp recently. Their debut album Feel It Break, which was released earlier this year is getting the deluxe treatment. There will be two discs offered with the release. The first disc will be the original tracklisting from Feel it Break and the second disc will consist of some B-sides, early work and covers.

Disc 1
1. Darken Her Horse
2. Lose It
3. The Future
4. Beat and the Pulse
5. Spellwork
6. The Choke
7. Hate Crime
8. The Villain
9. Shoot The Water
10. The Noise
11. The Beast

Disc 2
1. Indentity
2. Young and Gay
3. Energy
4. Believe Me
5. Trip
6. Pianix
7. Woodstock
8. Crying
9. Beat and the Pulse (M. Shawn Crahan [Clown from Slipknot] Motion Remix)

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