Sunday, November 20, 2011

WRUB #1 - Tyler's Earlscapade Edition

Tyler, The Creator tweeted this week that his little brother Earl was back in Los Angeles, the result of this was the explosion of the internet. Both "Thebe" (Earl's real name) and "Earl Sweatshirt" were trending on twitter within minutes. Of course, none of it was true and Tyler was just playing a cruel prank on his fans. Between this latest escapade and that whole Young Nigga thing Tyler is trying to out-troll Lil' B.

What Are You Bumpin?

Kyle Shoemaker (@_Shoey) - I've been listening to the new Childish Gambino and defending it just as much, getting all emotional with La Dispute's Wildlife, and destroying my hearing with Japandroids. I've also been looking for Earl all over Buffalo and I don't think he's here.

Austin K. (@AustinKirley) - This week I'm riding the chillwaves with the Sun Glitters LP, being mesmerized by Oneohtrix Point Never's new album Replica, and finally getting around to listening to Flying Lotus's Cosmogramma.

Nick Weber (@testiclops) - I've been crushing my skull with Comity's The Journey Is Over Now, unraveling my spine with Plaid's Scintilli, and wailing right along to Suckers' self titled EP. 

Jack Hayter (@gonnahayt) - This week I returned to the classic ATLiens from OutKast, I've been enjoying the King Krule EP and I'm still fawning over Summer Camp's Welcome to Condale

Steve Jones (@vestenet) - My infatuation with Federico Mompou's impressionistic piano compositions continues. Ryoji Ikeda drills pleasantly into my skull.  I'm also traveling with Ursula Bogner beyond the sounds of stars and into parallel universes. 

Danny Spiteri (@dannyspiterijr) - This week I've been submersing myself in lush ambient music with Gas's Pop, exploring the possibilities of 80's television advertisements with Oneohtrix Point Never's Replica, and marveling at the production on this A$AP Rocky mixtape. 

Mark Gillis (@Mark__Gillis) - This week I've been nerding out with some Milo, getting ready for winter with some chilly Patrick Watson, and I'm still in the process of falling in love with Veronica Falls.

Josh Custodio (@_allmyfriends) - I'm trying to enjoy some pop music by way of Gwen Stefani, attempting to give up my M83 addiction, and listening to Humans Avec Mes Mecs way too loud.

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