Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Bridgetown Records

Originally created as a means to release his music and the music of his friends, Kevin Greenspon's Bridgetown Records has quickly become one of my favorite DIY labels.  While cassettes might seem like an antiquated format to specialize in, Bridgetown releases have a certain magic to them.  The cassettes are packaged in artfully-crafted shells with liner notes that surpass most vinyl releases you'll ever buy.  And then there's the sound, analog warmth at half the cost of a vinyl record!  But all that wouldn't matter if the music on the cassettes wasn't absolutely stellar.  Greenspon has an uncanny knack for finding the best in underground ambient, shoegaze, and tongue-in-cheek punk.  Highlights from Bridgetown's current releases include the Grizzel Toe/Hermit Convention split cassingle, Whirr's "Distressor," and Former Selves' "Hope."  All these are limited releases so buy them before they are all gone here.

Listen to some Bridgetown highlights below:

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