Friday, January 20, 2012

TRACK: Clark - "Com Touch"


Experimental electronic producer Clark has announced a new album that's slated for an April 2nd release in the UK and April 3rd in the US, via Warp Records. The album, entitled Iradelphic, will be his first since 2009's Totems Flare. Below, you can hear and download the first track to drop from the album, "Com Touch", and scroll down a bit further for the album's track list. Considering how much I've enjoyed a lot of Clark's work in the past, as well as the promise this track is showing, I think this album is something to look forward to.

Iradelphic Track List:

1. Henderson Wrench
2. Com Touch
3. Tooth Moves
4. Skyward Bruise / Descent
5. Open
6. Secret
7. Ghosted
8. Black Stone
9. The Pining pt. 1
10. The Pining pt. 2
11. The Pining pt. 3
12. Broken Kite Footage

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