Monday, February 13, 2012

WRUB #10: Who The FUCK is Bonny Bear? Edition

Big news everyone, last night Justin Iver of Bon Vernon won big at the Grammys. The most coveted of the 3 awards he took home is the prize for "Best New Artist", but he also won the "Best Tropical Latin Album" and "Best Eyes". Predictably, Twitter exploded with millions of people who had no idea who the fuck Bonnyvare is. Further complicating things, Kanye West made his acceptance speech and accidentally called him Justin Bieber... twice.

What's everyone listening to?

Alexander Borg (@HelloAlexxander): In honor of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea's fourteenth birthday, I've been revisiting a lot of classic Elephant 6 bands. Dusk at Cubist Castle by Olivia Tremor Control and Cherry Peel by of Montreal are absolutely essential records for fans of psychedelia and pop songwriting

Danny Spiteri (@dannyspiterijr): This week has seen me listening to enjoying John Talabot's solid new LP ƒIN, revisiting Andy Stott's two excellent 2011 releases Passed Me By and We Stayed Together, and celebrating J Dilla's birthday with Donuts, which is probably my favorite album of all time.

Jack Hayter (@gonnahayt): Yet another Attack On Memory fan over here. Also been enjoying Morcheeba's '96 debut and Danny Brown's Hybrid.

Kyle Shoemaker (@_Shoey): Big week for me with the premiere episode of AMC's Comic Book Men. Normally a comics themed reality show wouldn't be my thing but it's also a reality show that follows around my favorite podcast Tell 'Em Steve Dave. The series is essentially Pawn Stars with merciless ball-busting, so it's definitely the greatest thing ever. Oh, and music... and stuff.

Steve Jones (@vestenet): Given this week's revelations, I am hearing In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in an entirely new light. Also, salyu x salyu is a great substitute for a new Cornelius album (not to say I wouldn't welcome a new Cornelius album).

TJ Duane (@DallasShalDune): PS I Love You, thanks to my fellow YPOIW bros.

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