Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WRUB #11: Tyler, The Minotaur Edition

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In order to finally get on the cover of Rolling Stone, Tyler has decided once and for all to get surgery to become a legitimate Minotaur. In other news: Tyler's lower torso complete with horse head has joined Odd Future and will be releasing a mixtape in the next few weeks. Earl Sweatshirt was not available for comment, but tweeted: "lmao, Tyler is one crazy horse nigga".

what's everyone listening to?

Danny Spiteri (@dannyspiterijr): I've spent much of my week listening to Burial's incredibly satisfying Kindred EP, Portico Quartet's new self-titled album, and some minimalist modern classical music from Philip Glass.

Jack Hayter (@gonnahayt): I got round to listening to Kendrick Lamar's Overly Dedicated and quite possibly prefer it over Section.80. Also bumpin' some Black Lips and Smif-N-Wessun.

Kyle Shoemaker (@_Shoey): I've also been listening to Overly Dedicated and believe it to be good, but nowhere near as good as Section.80. That's all you get out of me, listen to podcast 4 for the rest of what I was bumping this week.

Mark Gillis (@Mark__Gillis): I've started listening to Pixies this week, I'm not sure what the hell took me so long but that is some awesome music for sure. I've also been checking out some sugary 80's synth pop from Grimes and the most twee twee pop I've ever heard from Sea Lions.

Steve Jones (@vestenet): I discovered the "glitch pop" tag on RYM, so I've been glitching out with Junior Boys, Emilie Simon, Ellen Allien, and Baths.  As an avid Max Tundra fan, I should have looked into these artists much sooner.  Also, that Burial EP is good, huh?

TJ Duane (@DallasShalDune): 5 words: Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire.

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