Friday, March 30, 2012

Week In Review #1

Hello everyone and welcome to my new weekly feature where I'll be going over anything and everything that caught my eye in the last week. I'm absolutely not sure if this is going to be an every-week thing or not, so consider this a trial run where I find out how feasible this idea even is. If it works, the plan is currently to do this every week.

1. The new Death Grips video that dropped this week is great for a variety of reasons. They continue to just push the envelope with their energy, but they're starting to become much better songwriters as a whole. Between "The Fever" and "Get Got," they're doing a great job of writing great hooks that are capable of bringing people turned off by Exmilitary's abrasiveness. I was skeptical with their move to Epic, but it appears that Death Grips hasn't lost anything of what makes them special.

2. An English man in Leeds accidentally embedded a pool cue tip into his skull that was making contact with his brain. This proves without a shadow of a doubt that drunk jousting is a terrible idea. Chalk this one up to stupidity and alcohol, I guess.

3. Will Ferrell stopped by Conan this week in full Ron Burgundy character to announce that Anchorman 2 is a done deal. I'm usually not someone that pines for a sequel to a franchise I like, especially not in the case of comedies... but I feel like this is the right move for everyone involved. The fact of the matter is that Anchorman remains Ferrell's best movie by a large margin. I'll re-evaluate if they fuck it up somehow, but with the talent involved with the cast, I'm sure it'll at least be a worthwhile re-visit.

4. A new internet startup called Shitter will compile all of your tweets and print them on toilet paper for the low cost of $35. I almost instantly hit buy but then I remembered that I have exactly no reason to purchase this. I have to give them credit for thinking of an idea that is completely unique. It's the kind of thing that usually enters my brain for about 5 seconds then I usually tweet about, so for someone to have the follow through to actually make this a reality is nothing short of astounding. I really hope these people manage to make ALL THE MONEY THAT EXISTS.


1. Music Video for Death Grips new song "The Fever (Aye Aye)"

2. Story from The Sun

3. Will Ferrell's Anchorman 2 announcement on Conan


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