Tuesday, April 24, 2012

VIDEO: of Montreal - "Spiteful Intervention"

Athens-based psychedelic pop band and Elephant 6 alumnus of Montreal have a new video for "Spiteful Intervention" from their most recent studio effort Paralytic Stalks.  Directed by Jesse Ewles, the video features a colorful, shapeshifting blob of digital paint set against a stark black background.  Watch the blob take on the form of Kevin Barnes and several Kafkaesque creatures of woe below:

While David Barnes (brother of of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes) has always been in charge of interpreting the band's music visually on both their album covers and the animated projections at the band's live shows, I feel like Jesse Ewles powerfully captured Barnes' twisted psyche in this video.  While the rainbow coloring of the blob represents the band's pop sensibility, the monsters literally tearing Kevin Barnes apart represent the anger and depression that Barnes channeled into "Spiteful Intervention."

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  1. I was wondering why the name Jesse Ewles was ringing a bell, and it turns out he directed the "He Poos Clouds" video for Owen Pallett: