Saturday, May 19, 2012

WEEK IN REVIEW: 5/13 - 5/19

*The Gaslight Anthem announced their 4th album entitled Handwritten this week and I certainly hope it's better than the cover art. I guess the artsy thing to do in 2012 is to take 4 black and white photos of every member of your band and put them next to each other Beatles style on your front cover. Oh, and way to tell me every member of the band... thanks guys... you saved me the 5 second search on Wikipedia. The lead single is below and I have no opinion on it.

*Sad news, Handsome Furs have broken up. This is an odd situation to be sure because Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry are married. The band's facebook post on the matter reads: “With a heavy heart the time has come to let all of you know that Handsome Furs are no more”. Handsome Furs' first 2 albums stand out to me as some of the best of 2007 and 2009 respectively, and their whole shtick of electronic post punk remains one of the better ideas a band has put forward in the last decade... I'll miss them dearly.

*Childish Gambino has released a new track from his upcoming mixtape entitled "We Ain't Them". The most impressive part of this song for me is that it's incredibly catchy yet doesn't have a hook. It relies on an airy synths and piano for it's melody, which speaks to Donald's improvement as a producer. The song's lyrics read as a seemingly random collection of thoughts directly from Donald's brain as if he's recalling the things that keep him awake at night. He even goes as far to say "Back of my mind though, I hope the show gets cancelled // maybe then I can focus.". We all know by now that Community is not getting cancelled, but the fact that the show's hardships are dwelling on his consciousness enough to start showing up in his lyrics is really interesting.

*Fang Island have released the first taste of Major in the form of lead single "Asunder". It's a pretty typical song from them that combines their knack for cool melodies with guitar tones straight out of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. This is far and away my most anticipated album right now.

 Fang Island - Asunder by Sargent House

*Animal Collective announced their new album Centipede Hz, this is the part where you freak the fuck out.

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