Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HEAVY FRIENDS: Early Graves - "Days Grow Cold"

One of my favorite bands in the recent wave of metal/punk/crust combo groups, Early Graves, suffered a tragic loss of their frontman Mahk Daniels nearly two years ago. They have played select shows since with The Funeral Pyre vocalist John Strachan (who I've seen play with the band twice) and now it seems that the band is ready to release some new material with that new vocalist.

The band is set to release a new album this fall, but to tide us over we have a new track "Days Grow Cold" made for a compilation for their new record label, No Sleep Records. The track begins with a blistering guitar lick and throws the listener into the same speed and disorientation that's made this band so good in the past. The song is stretched out to a 3 minute length, but it never gets boring. It's consistently exciting, and a good sign that Early Graves is back for good.

Stream the track below and look out for a new album this fall via No Sleep.

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