Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A couple of years ago Hamilton Ontario's The Rest set to record and release their 3rd full length album when the unthinkable happened. They lost nearly 18 months of work to a hard drive malfunction. They could have (and probably should have) called it quits. However, the band never gave up on recovering their album and after a 6 month exhaustive search they finally found a company capable of recovering it. The very fact that anyone is hearing SEESAW is attributed to technical wizardry. 

The music itself is 10 tracks of sun tinted alternative shoegaze that never feels overbearing. The band always always emphasizes interesting hooks over the dissonance and reverb that their contemporaries hide behind. "Always On My Mind" builds outwardly from the strength of it's melody and provides the proper restraint needed for the wall of sound approach that is the song's cathartic and powerful end. 

Give SEESAW a listen below and please consider buying it on Bandcamp.

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