Wednesday, June 6, 2012

STREAM: Young Galaxy - Shoreless Kid 7"

Coming of the heels of their great 2011 LP Shapeshifting, Young Galaxy are gearing up for another release this year with their Shoreless Kid 7".

These two tracks were not produced by acclaimed producer Dan Lissvik, who produced Shapeshifting, but that doesn't mean these tracks are lacking at all. Young Galaxy are continuing on the light, floaty, electronic tinged sound that they introduced us to on Shapeshifting, which in my opinion was their best record to date.

It also sounds like we can be expecting a new LP from Young Galaxy in the future. The band are currently working with Dan Lissvik on a new album thanks to a kickstarter campaign that raised enough to money to send them to Sweden.

Have a listen to the two tracks from this new 7" down below

Side A: "Shoreless Kid"

Side A/A: "Youth Is Wasted On The Young"

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