Friday, June 1, 2012

TRACK: Dan Deacon - "Lots"

"Lots" functions as the blaring herald for Dan Deacon's brand new record America, scheduled to drop in the good old U.S. of A. on August 28 (less American countries get it the day before, the swine). The track is short, but it features the kind of schizophrenic kaleidoscope of sounds that you've probably come to expect from Mr. Deacon. What is intriguing is how much it seems indebted to noisy, fuzzy rock-type music, so it seems like we'll be hearing yet another facet of Deacon's creativity come August.

Listen to and/or download the track below:

America will be:

1. Guilford Avenue Bridge
2. True Thrush
3. Lots
4. Prettyboy
5. Crash Jam
6. USA I: Is a Monster
7. USA II: The Great American Desert
8. USA III: Rail
9. USA IV: Manifest

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