Friday, June 1, 2012

TRACK: Age of Consent - "Ghost Rider (Suicide cover)"

You're nostalgic for synth pop, right? What am I saying--it's 2012, of course you are. But specifically, you want to hear some of that dark stuff, some of that cold stuff (and I'm not talking about those chilly waves or whathaveyou). Well, the London duo Age of Consent have a sound which leaves me entirely unsurprised that they remixed a Gary Numan track, or that they covered "Ghost Rider" from Suicide's groundbreaking self-titled album. Stream it below:

I'm digging the production from these guys a lot, which sounds uncharacteristically clean for these times. If you at all dug anything about that Trust album we reviewed a while back, you'll probably find similar things to like with Age of Consent. While you're here, you can check out the video for their single "Heartbreak," and head over to their Bandcamp to hear what else they have.

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